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Think about those cold winter nights when you can't wait for your air furnace to kick on to warm things up....awww...then comes that SMELL...that musty, foul smell of DUST in the air.

The reality is that many home owners have no idea how dirty their air ducts really are as they can't see past the entrance of the vents. You will witness this fact through the pictures taken from clients' ducts in their homes on the SERVICES page.

We are becoming a very environmentally and healthy living focused society. Air-CARE Solutions caters to this realization by offering all home owners a FREE INSPECTION of their air ducts via PICTURES that will allow YOU, the home owner, to see what you cannot see! YOU will be surprised by what you find hiding in your ducts.

From air borne alergions to just plain nasty dust, your air ducts DO require cleaning from time to time. You will be amazed at just how much better you feel and breathe after a professional duct cleaning. Jon Wood, owner & operator of Air-CARE Solutions, attends to detail in his work and assures your satisfaction upon completion. As many of Jon's clients have stated time and time again, 'you will just wonder why it took so long to have this job done'. Call for your free inspection today and be on your way to a healthier tomorrow.

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Our clients :
Christina Meloche: "Jon did our vents and he did an awsome job. He even went back in a second time because there was a small toy that was still in there that he just couldn't leave, lol, and the price was right. Thanks Jon."
Laura Roberts Wood: I had my ducts done and I could not believe all the dust & dirt that was in there. I can not believe we were breathing in all that stuff. And boy was the price cheap!!!
Jenn Bradford hey ..... that is very scary to think we have been breathing all this junk in ..... ewwwww is all i have to say!!!!! I am scared to know what mine look like.... where do i sign up??? We have been talking about doing it, but kept procastinating. After seeing those pics.........we need to get them clean !!!!!!