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AIR-CARE Solutions prides itself on the satisfaction of our clients. We can transform your ducts and/or vents from what you see below . . .

. . . to this

Many homeowners that keep spotless homes have a hard time beleiving that their ducts or vents could possibly be obstructed with dog hair, dust and perhaps even left over debris from construction. However, one can see the condition of a heating duct can and most likely will surprise you.

Here's another duct brought back to original condition after an AIR-CARE Solutions treatment. Using the most modern of tools and attention to detail, AIR-CARE Solution will make your home a healthier place to live and remove potential fire or smoke damage from your integrated vent/duct systems.
Before . . .

After . . .

"Give us a call and Air-CARE Solutions will give you
a FREE DUCT INSPECTION and appraisal."

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Our clients :
Christina Meloche: "Jon did our vents and he did an awsome job. He even went back in a second time because there was a small toy that was still in there that he just couldn't leave, lol, and the price was right. Thanks Jon."
Laura Roberts Wood: I had my ducts done and I could not believe all the dust & dirt that was in there. I can not believe we were breathing in all that stuff. And boy was the price cheap!!!
Jenn Bradford hey ..... that is very scary to think we have been breathing all this junk in ..... ewwwww is all i have to say!!!!! I am scared to know what mine look like.... where do i sign up??? We have been talking about doing it, but kept procastinating. After seeing those pics.........we need to get them clean !!!!!!